About me

My interest in photography dates back to my childhood and a much used Kodak Brownie.
However it was not until my teaching career led me to a post at a residential environmental study centre that I began to take photography seriously.

Much of my free time at the centre was spent gathering photos of the ‘resident’ badgers that scrabbled around my living quarters at night!


All forms of natural history form my subject matter, whether it be badgers, foxes, birds, flowers or early morning scenes of the New Forest.

As my career in Education continued to move forward, the hours in the darkroom, coupled with field trips that may, or may not have resulted in printable results became all too rare and eventually the photographic equipment was confined to the loft!

I have been able to take early retirement and this has opened up completely new opportunities in terms of photography!
I now print my photographs on the computer and am a complete convert to digital media, both in terms of the speed of acquiring images and also the quality that can be achieved.